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Flexible server monitoring

Simon is a powerful and flexible tool. This list provides a brief summary of some of its features. Version 5 includes many more enhancements.

Simon 4 Simon 5
iCloud sync
View and edit from multiple Macs, check and notify on specified Macs.
Web Page service
Check a website for changes or failures.
Ping service
Ping any server to check responsiveness.
DNS service
Query a domain name server.
RSS service
Read RSS feeds.
FTP service
Look at a file on an FTP server.
Application service
Ensure an application is present, and/or running.
Drive Status service
Checks the drive capacity threshold, S.M.A.R.T. status, and more.
IMAP, POP & SMTP Mail services
Make sure mail servers are available.
Mount service
Mount a local, AFP, or SMB volume.
SNMP Status service
Checks the status of a SNMP-connected device.
Simon Status service
Checks if other synced Simon apps are available.
System Error Log service
Look for text in today's system log.
SSH service
Converse with a remote secure shell session.
TCP Port Scanner service
Checks the status of all TCP ports.
Plus other services
Including NTP, SMB, Screenshot, and more.
Customize services
Add your own (e.g. via scripts), or edit existing.
Block filters
Filter service output; detect changes.
Context filters
Output some context around the filter's output text.
Find filters
Find using simple or regular expression matching.
Format filters
Reformat the output text.
Input filters
Echoes the input.
Link Checker filters
Checks multiple links to see if they are valid or invalid.
Number filters
Detect if a number changed by a specified amount.
Override filters
Change the result status.
Server Result filters
Detects and invalid HTTP result code.
Customize filters
Add your own (e.g. via scripts), or edit existing.
Action notifiers
Bounce the Dock icon, activate Simon, display in your web browser, and other actions.
APC Masterswitch notifier
Toggle an outlet on an APC Masterswitch device.
Email notifier
Send an email message.
iMessage notifier
Send an iMessage to a recipient in the Messages app.
Launch notifier
Start or switch to an application.
Mount notifier
Mount or dismount a local, AFP or SMB volume.
Sound notifier
Play a sound.
Speech notifier
Simon talks to you.
Web Page notifier
Get or post to a web page.
Customize notifiers
Add your own (e.g. via scripts), or edit existing.
Save HTML reports
Save reports to disk using customizable templates.
Upload HTML reports
Upload reports to remote web servers.
Preview page source
Preview websites or see the page source.
Preview filter output
Also see the output of each filter.
System menu
See Simon's status at a glance.
Hide in the Dock
Make Simon a background app.
Password protect
Require a password to access Simon.
Sustainable pricing
Simon is priced to enable ongoing updates.
Great customer support
Dejal has a reputation for prompt and friendly support.
Mac model support
Embracing the future.
Intel Intel and
Apple Silicon
Minimum OS required
Use Simon 5 unless you're not on Sierra yet.
macOS 10.10
macOS 10.12