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Cloak affiliate links on your website to protect your income
This product has been discontinued.

No future updates are planned. It is available completely free; if you find it useful, you're welcome to use it at no cost.


If you earn income from affiliate links on your website, you need Macfilink. It is an easy and effective tool to help protect your affiliate links from dishonest people who would steal your commissions for themselves.

Macfilink works by cloaking your affiliate link - creating a web page for you to upload to your own site, so that your customers see a page on your site, with your URL, instead of the affiliate URL - but they still see the merchant's site. They never see your affiliate link, so they can't remove your affiliate ID or change it to their own.

You don't need to know anything about HTML for it to work. You simply enter the affiliate URL, and Macfilink creates an encoded HTML page for you. You can add a heading (e.g. to link back to your site, or a banner), and other options. You can then copy the HTML, save it to disk, or even have Macfilink upload it directly to your web server!

See a Cloaked Page

To get an idea of what Macfilink output looks like, check out the Rebuild Your Vision page on the Dejal website (as an offer related to Time Out). Notice that the page URL is still on the Dejal site, and it includes a header with the Dejal logo and custom text. Then the affiliate website content appears below that, loaded directly from the third-party site — without showing the affiliate URL at all. Even looking at the page source won't reveal it. Check it out!