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Your application helps me a lot to remove my stress when I work at the computer. Each 10 minutes, I receive a signal for 20 seconds from Time Out to take a long breath and feel the stress inside me. So If there's one, I'm able to take the time to remove it inside me. This also help to think to sit well on the chair. A very good software to keep us healthier. Good Job!

My request it's about to remove the application icon from the dock and put it in the menu bar. After the initialization, Time Out is more a program running in background so we don't need to have to a regular access. The dock it's more a place where softwares are used for daily works.


Sylvain S.

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Re: A menu bar icon

Hi Sylvain,

I totally agree, and that is a key enhancement in version 2. It's also the main reason that version 2 hasn't been released yet; splitting up the app functionality is more complex. I'll write more about it later, but for now, it's still coming, along with a lot of other enhancements like custom break themes.

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Re: A menu bar icon

This is the only reason why I don't intend to use TimeOutFree at the moment: I don't like background apps cluttering my menu bar. Otherwise, this is a great app and I would be happy to spend a few bucks for a new version.

But: is your app still in development? Seems being quite silent around it...

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Re: A menu bar icon

Hi Josh,

Yes, very much in development. In fact, version 2 is in private alpha testing right now. It already supports running in the background without an icon in the Dock, and a system menu (which will be optional). Plus custom break themes.

If you or anyone else reading this want to help test it, make a donation to become a licensed user and contact me about becoming an alpha tester. I always welcome fresh perspectives.