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Test Doesn't Fail

I've mentioned before that I have a service that checks a remote computer to see that a specific set of ports is open. If any one of the set is not open, I'm notified.

Since upgrading to 3.6.1 (from 3.6a2) a couple days ago, one of my tests goes from Test Start to Service to Test Stop -- there is no Test Success or (in this case) Test Fail. It appears that the test times out after ~8 minutes; however, an identical (failing) test on another host goes to Test Fail and notifies me.

Any suggestions?

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Re: Test Doesn't Fail

All I can think of is to look at the Console log to see if there are any messages there that might be relevant.

Re: Test Doesn't Fail

Nothing at all in the logs. I'm setting a lower timeout (no reason to wait two minutes, let alone the eight) and that causes a fail (which I want) when the server isn't available. I'll let you know if that isn't enough.