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Adjustable Idle Detection

Dear David,

You're Time Out software has helped me tremendously with my RSI. I appreciate the time you've spent developing the application and intend to continue supporting you/it.

I find that the idle detection time value is too long for my work flow. If you could make the idle detection time value adjustable or shorter, I would greatly appreciate it. I believe that others would make use of this feature as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message.

You have my support regardless,

Michael C.

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Re: Adjustable Idle Detection

Hi Michael,

Thank you for the kind words; much appreciated.

Time Out detects idle at 30 seconds, and considers it "officially" idle at 60 seconds. What period would you prefer?

I did consider making this configurable, but my philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible, not adding extra options unless they add significant value, to avoid making the app too complex. But I can see some merit in adding an option for this, even if only on the Advanced page. If I get more requests for this, I'll certainly reconsider adding it.

Re: Adjustable Idle Detection


I'd like to second this request. Alternatively, if it's possible to change this setting via a defaults write command in the terminal, that would be fine too!

In my use case, when I read things on my desktop (say, documentation or some article), the timer just stops because I obviously don't "do" anything in terms of event monitoring. But in fact, my eyes will strain if I am absorbed too deeply and forget to artificially move something to keep the timer/countdown running.

I was thinking what would be an ideal time to set it to but I think it's too user specific and therefore probably better if controllable by each user. Hiding this functionality in an "advanced" pane or even just making it accessible in the terminal I think would be a good balance between flexibility and simplicity of the UI.

Thanks for doing good indie work! (Supporter too)


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Re: Adjustable Idle Detection

Thanks for the vote. I'm definitely thinking about adding this for the next release, since it'd be fairly easy and useful for at least a few people.

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Re: Adjustable Idle Detection

Good news: this can now be changed in the Advanced Preferences of version 2.4 (currently in beta as I write this).