2008-12-09: Dejal introduces SmileDial for iPhone


Introducing SmileDial Lite and SmileDial Pro for the iPhone. Call someone by touching their smile, or send them a text message by touching their eyes! SmileDial Lite is for one person, SmileDial Pro enables you to swipe through multiple people and shake for more info.

Portland, Oregon - Dejal Systems, LLC today introduced SmileDial Lite and SmileDial Pro version 1.0 for the iPhone. Call someone by touching their smile, or send them a text message by touching their eyes! Not as creepy as that sounds, really! SmileDial displays a photo of someone's face: tap the top half of the photo to send them a text message, or the bottom half to call them.

SmileDial Lite helps you call and text your favorite person. SmileDial Pro extends this to multiple people: swipe through multiple faces to choose the one you want. SmileDial Pro also enables you to call them via other phone numbers, send an email, visit their website, map their address, and more, in a fun way: shake the iPhone to show more contact information.

A tap of the info button flips the photo over to reveal fields to edit the name and numbers for text messaging and phone calls, plus buttons to show the contact info and change the photo.

You can simply enter a name and numbers and choose a photo. Or you can pick an existing contact.

A contact's photo is used for SmileDial, if available. It is previewed in the background of the edit mode. You can also choose another photo: an existing one from the Camera Roll or Photo Library, or take a new photo with the iPhone camera. The photo can be moved and scaled as desired, e.g. to show just the person's face. The new photo is stored in the Camera Roll, so you can import it into iPhoto or use it elsewhere if desired.

SmileDial Pro includes a People button while editing. Tap it to display a list of people in the order they appear on SmileDial's main side. You can change the order, delete them, or add any number of new ones.

Dejal is a long-established independent Mac software company, now expanding into iPhone software.

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone version 2.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:
* SmileDial Lite is available completely free of charge.
* SmileDial Pro is available for $3.99.

Both are immediately available on the iPhone App Store.

For-review coupons for SmileDial Pro are available to the media; contact Dejal to receive one.

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SmileDial Lite on iPhone App Store
SmileDial Pro on iPhone App Store
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David Sinclair
Dejal Systems, LLC

[Press release published via prMac.]