Script/Workflow for text box during break?

Hi David,
Just coming back to TimeOut after a long absence. Thank you for this app, and I would GLADLY pay for a version 2.0 if you ever decide to release one.

In the meantime, can you make a suggestion for how to create a workflow which would display a text box on the screen during a break? I tried creating a notification, but it is too small and goes away too quickly. I'd like to display something large and centered on the screen to read.

Thank you,

feature request: "postpone"/"skip" keyboard shortcut


Thanks for the helpful app. Works great. One feature I'd love to see is a keyboard shortcut to postpone (or perhaps skip) a break.

With some RSI issues, I try to work from the keyboard as much as possible and avoid the trackpad on my MBP when I can. Sometimes when giving a walkthrough of something, paired coding, or having time-sensitive things happen in applications I don't want to exclude completely (debugging in the browser, needing to quickly stop something going wrong in a terminal session, etc.), I need to stop the break quickly. Navigating with the trackpad to find a button can be tricky to do fast enough.

I tried to script a way to click the buttons a while back, but it wasn't working with the Time Out overlay. If there was a built-in key combo (cmd-p or just hitting Esc, maybe?), I'd find that hugely helpful. (I guess a potential stopgap might be the ability to use very large buttons to make it easier for RSI'd hands to do this quickly?)

Anyway, thanks again for your work,

Possibility to change string "Back to work..."

Thanks for a great product!

I'm a student and it would be nice if I could change the string "Back to work..." to something like "Back to study...". :)

Keep up the good work!

Is it possible to change picture?

Is it possible to change that green picture of the person sitting meditating to some other picture?


Constant log noise

Similar to this item here http://www.dejal.com/forums/2012/09/30/latest-version-filling-logs?desti... I am seeing two log messages every 10 seconds telling me that:

2/06/2014 3:34:56.955 pm com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[277]: (com.dejal.timeout.launcher) Throttling respawn: Will start in 10 seconds
2/06/2014 3:35:06.965 pm com.apple.launchd.peruser.501[277]: (com.dejal.timeout.launcher[511]) Exited with code: 1

As suggested in that other post, I have uninstalled TimeOut, then rebooted my machine.

But these log entries are still appearing!

I am very confused as to how this can happen - can you help?


Hi, I downloaded Time Out and I really love it. However, it's causing an annoying screen 'tremor' every two minutes or so. There are no tremors when Time Out is off. I have OS 10.9.1 I would be happy to donate if this problem can be fixed. Thanks, Eva

Breaks are happening too soon.


I've set break intervals to happen every 60 mins, but they are happening every 10 mins instead. Has anyone else had this problem? I'm running Time Out under Mavericks (10.9.1) - does the current version of Time Out (1.7.1) support Mavericks?

Any ideas would be most helpful. Thanks!


Easy way to display an image on screen during a break

I'd like to know a quick and easy way to display an image on screen during a break.
I know TimeOut has scripting capabilities, but I'm not well versed in setting this up.
Some quick pointers would be appreciated.

Also, not sure if Dejal staff is reading this, but would like to suggest this option as a feature in a future version of the software.


Feature request: warning before break

This app is quite helpful, but I believe it would be even more helpful if I had about 30 seconds' warning before my screen started to dim. A notification (using Growl or Notification Center) saying "break will start in 30 seconds" would let me finish typing my current sentence, or whatever, and be less likely to hit the "postpone" button when the break actually starts.

System Freeze while using Safari?

When I use Safari (6.0.2 on Mountain Lion), my system will suddenly freeze up completely. Keyboard is locked out; only the mouse moves. Have to shut off with power button in back of iMac.

I suspect it might be fighting with Time Out. I had been using Time Out with Firefox with no problems. Then when I recently switched to Safari as my main browser I began having this problem several times each day. I tried running the system without Time Out and I have not had these freeze-ups.

Now I am trying Time Out Free (1.6.5) instead to see if it behaves differently than 1.7.1.

Is this a known problem? (I'm looking forward to v2.0. When Time Out works it's extremely helpful to me.)

I cant access the software after installing it. I need to modify settings or uninstall it.

Need urgent help. I installed it a few days ago. I have to urgently change the settings. I cant find the software in the application folder. It wont open the setting box by double clicking the downloaded software. How and where do I access the freaking software. Where do I change the settings of Timeout???

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