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Feature Comparison

Here is a quick summary of the features in SmileDial Lite and SmileDial Pro. Basically, the Lite edition supports one person while the Pro edition supports multiple people, plus Pro also supports shaking the phone to get more contact info. Check the Overview page for more information on these features:

SmileDial Lite SmileDial Pro
Visual recognition
Displays a person's face.
Optional name too
Can display their name below the photo, if desired.
Multiple people
Swipe through any number of people.
Create text message
Touch the eyes (top half of photo) to start a text message.
Phone call
Touch the mouth (bottom half of photo) to call them.
Shake iPhone for contact info
Shake to show all contact info, e.g. to email or map them.
Edit person information
Tap the info button to flip over to the edit mode.
Integrates with the contacts
Choose an existing contact to quickly add their info.
Supports ad hoc people too
Don't need a contact: just enter a name and numbers.
Nicknames preferred
If the contact has a nickname, it is used as the person name.
Change any details
Changes don't affect your contacts.
Change the person
Clear the name to choose a different contact.
Change the numbers
Clear the numbers then disclose to choose another number.
Number automatically copied
If a number is blank, the other one is inserted automatically.
Phone number conversion
Settings option to convert textual numbers to numeric ones.
Phone numbers automatically formatted
This can be disabled via Settings if desired.
See contact info
Display the contact info while editing.
Photo preview
The photo is displayed in the background.
Choose an existing photo
Choose a different photo from the photo library.
Take a photo
Take a new picture (which is stored in the camera roll).
Includes helpful hints
On-screen hints guide you; no manual needed.
Add and delete people
Add new people, or delete unwanted ones.
Change the order
Rearrange the sequence of the people.
Great customer support
Dejal has a reputation for prompt and friendly support.
Free! Free!